Taking Swimwear to New Levels



As shown on Miley Cyrus (barely visible), Rihanna, and Candice Swanepoel, (Whitney Port has also sported the trend) body chains have clearly hit Hollywood with a bang, and as for the rest of us, well, what do we think about this body accessory? Body chains seem to be rapidly growing in popularity, as handmade versions are now available on Etsy and popular fashion houses like Free People, Forever 21, and Urban Outfitters are selling them by the masses. Of course many just see the tiny glint of sparkle adorning these celebrities fit bodies and have to give in to the latest trend, but why are these things so popular? I guess they have the potential to create curves, as the style shown above wraps around their waists, but it also cuts right through breasts, becoming a sort of necklace. I admit I do like the look on these three leading ladies, but I’m not sure if I could pull it off. I would probably end up worrying about tan lines and feel like my accessory was sizzling under the sun. But taking a style cue from Miley Cyrus and Rihanna, the bling looks pretty cool under clothes as well:



The style shown on Miley, Rihanna, and Candice is by Jacquie Aiche and is a steep $3,875 (it’s diamond-studded). Find cheaper version of theirs at Shopbop for $220, or an even cheaper version I love is by Vanessa Mooney in gold (it resembles the simplicity of theirs). You could also check out the places mentioned above. And stay tuned, body chains are moving to other body parts like the thigh, back, and stomach. See Free People body jewelry for up-to-date looks.

Alexis Neiers: The “Pretty Wild” Jailbird




Well Nancy Jo Sales of Vanity Fair, it is clear now to America that the suspect did not wear louibuttons. The makeup-clad thief is still tweeting, blogging, instagraming, and, yes, still crying over the negative press regarding her breaking into celebrity homes with her friends and stealing everything just for fun. Like why would some girl and her bffs breaking into the homes of the rich and famous make news? Idk Alexis, but I’m so glad we are now painfully aware that you were in fact not wearing six-inch louibutton heels with your tweed outfit to court.

And now for mommy dearest’s invaluable input and lessons for her three trainwrecks– scratch that, two trainwrecks (the eldest was taken in to this loving family as a charity case, resembling a version of Orphan Annie with Monroe piercings who basks in the limelight of her “sister’s” law-breaking).


Let’s please have a moment of silence for the youngest.


I mean how normal would your life be with caring sisters like these?



And now back to Alexis’ world, according to Alexis, and all about Alexis.


What a poor life she leads. Who would know what a great person she is and how mean people are to her without her E! reality show?


It must be difficult being recognized as a criminal. But the best solution is to get a reality TV show called “Pretty Wild”, duh!


But perhaps you should make sure it lasts past the first season. And now Paris Hilton’s input:


Alexis, we all feel your pain. And we hope you don’t get too upset over the new movie “Bling Ring” (hitting theaters June 14th) that is directly based on you and your friends! At least Emma Watson plays you!


Alexis was just thrilled at the news of Emma Watson playing her, happily tweeting, “Break a leg in Cannes!….And No hard feelings about making fun of me : ).” And I’ll leave you with some words of wisdom straight from Alexis’ cherry-stained lips:


Read more: Daily Mai

Chic & Casual Under the Sun


FINALThis inspiration board gives outfit ideas for those bicycling to their local beach, walking the streets of the concrete jungle, jet setting to a tropical island, or even just hanging out with friends in their hometown hotspot. From pretty, lace dresses to edgy maxi skirts paired with bandeaus, and cowboy boots to motorcycle boots, one will feel both chic and casual in these six outfit inspirations.

1. I’m obsessed with this white, lace dress. I love the bare shoulders and the fallen sleeves, and especially love the brown, messenger bag– it compliments the lace beautifully. Some options for a simple, white dress are the Dineta Dress from Shopbop (I absolutely love the detailing) and the Off The Shoulder Truth Dress from Free People. I also like the Sunkissed Dress from Lovers + Friends; it’s simple but still has pretty layers and a cutout in the back (I always love a dress with cutouts in the back). In terms of a handbag, try this classic leather Longchamp Sultan Crossbody Bag (of course I personally wouldn’t actually wear it as a cross body).

2.  I love the idea of adding a bandeau to a maxi skirt, balancing both pieces out. Free People, Urban Outfitters, and American Apparel have great options for bralettes and bandeaus. I like the simplicity of the one pictured but I also like to throw on a bright, patterned one with a simple bottom.

3. A white dress, or really any dress, with cowboy boots is a look I can always appreciate. I always like a pair of Frye boots and Zadig & Voltaire has really unique, bold styles for boots, not to mention cool patterns.

4. I love this look– jean shorts and vintage brown belt with a simple top and crotched sweater. I usually either go to Ralph Lauren of Lucky Brand for belts and really anywhere for jean shorts, although I’m partial to Free People since they have such cool patterns and interesting versions of the classic jean short, like the Eyelet Pocket Cutoffs in Lowtide. I’m also almost always in high-wasted shorts over low-rise. I always buy my sweaters in the summer because usually at any store you walk into they have some crazy sale on sweaters. I refuse to pay full price for cashmere because you can usually always find a discount somewhere. I recently bought an oversized, brown cashmere sweater for 60% off and have worn it so much with jean shorts and my high-wasted, white lace shorts and a simple tank. Wildfox has really fun options for sweaters, both pullover and cardigan styles, and Bloomindale’s has a lot of variety. But I really love this Crocheted Cardigan from Ralph Lauren and would be perfect for cool summer nights. And you can always find simple tanks and tees at American Apparel, or even just buy a pack of white Hanes V-Necks at Target (I like the men’s better).

5. Funky & chunky gold jewelry: a great update to any outfit. You have the option of going cheap (jewelry gets lost so easily anyway) or going expensive (lasts forever). Either way, both gold and silver tones brighten up plane hues any day. I’m always a fan of anything Chan Luu but recently I’ve fallen in love with the Beaded Eye Bracelet. Nicole Richie’s line House of Harlow 1960 also has really fun, vintage-inspired jewelry. Barneys New York has unique pieces that’ll last forever, or save the cash and go for fun pieces from Urban Outfitters (I like the Arch Bracelet). Who can tell the difference anyway?. And definitely look around Giles & Brother, I love my Skinny Railroad Spike Cuff and you could get it engraved. I never spend a lot of money on rings since I rarely see them again after wearing them once, I usually purchase them from the little dishes full of rings on checkout counters in stores. I do love statement rings though but only when I happen to come across them in stores, I’m never on the hunt for a new ring. And did I mention how in love I am with the John Lenon inspired shades? Find similar ones at Urban Outfitters, like the Valley Dreams Round Sunglasses or try heart-shaped frames like the UO Heartbreaker Sunglasses.

6. I love, love, love motorcycle boots. Especially my black All Saints Damisi Boots (I’m not sure if they’re the ones pictured but they look very similar). The Damisi Boots are extremely versatile, you can wear them buckled up, unbuckled, folded down, or straight up. And mine have lasted years of wear and tear, not to mention they are extremely comfortable. A cheaper version would be the Steve Madden Troopa Boots which are very popular right now and also can be worn multiple ways. I purchased them in Brown Leather this past winter and wore them frequently with jeans and black leggings and I’ll definitely being wearing them a ton this summer. The great thing about these styles is that they can be worn in any climate or season (unless you’re trudging around in snow, better to leave that to L.L.Bean and Sorel).

Tabletop Diaries: A Unique Spin on the Classic Grilled Cheese



The Flagler Steakhouse in Palm Beach, FL

If you have ever been to The Flagler Steakhouse for dinner you know how delicious their food is (and obviously how incredible their steaks are, unless you’re a vegetarian of course) but what you may not know if also what a delightful lunch spot they are. “Steakhouse” doesn’t immediately come with the connotation of a cute lunch spot but that is exactly what the The Flagler Steakhouse is. As you sit on their large balcony overlooking the beautiful golf course and palm trees in the balmy Florida sun and sip on their refreshing iced drinks (you have to try their Palm Beach Spritzer) you feel completely at ease in a wonderful outdoor seating area. Their grilled cheese was the highlight for me. I’ve always loved a good grilled cheese (yes, it is possible to mess up a grilled cheese) but their splendid combination of pulled short ribs and smoked cheddar cheese on warm, toasted bread is brilliant, as well as the side of creamy tomato soup it comes with (I always think a grilled cheese should come with tomato soup). This restaurant is a marvelous lunch spot, especially in between golf swings or tennis matches at The Breakers golf course and tennis courts.

Spotlight On: Maxi Skirts


Maxi skirts can either be a girls best friend or worst enemy. Some can be very flattering, curve-hugging and loose in all the right places but not too loose, but then some can just miss the mark. The trick is finding the right fit. As a rather petite person, I know I can’t pull off a lot of excess fabric, which is why Vanessa Hudgen’s skirt is perfect (she’s only 5’1″) because it fits her perfectly: not too long, not too baggy, and hugs her hips without being too tight or too loose. I personally just purchased the Free People Manina Colorblock Skirt (#3) and I was very nervous it was going to be too long and way too full. But it ended up fitting just right! It is the perfect length and very versatile (I can wear it high-waisted and low-waisted). I love the idea of throwing on a bandeau or crop top to finish the look since the skirt is so bold and, yes, there is a lot of fabric but it isn’t unflattering and would be gorgeous blowing in the wind with the sun shining through the colorful bottom. For less beachy looks, I would definitely try look #4. I love the idea of a bold skirt with a simple, white top and some low-key heels for lunch with friends or a daytime outing in the city. The FP ONE Ribbon Corset Maxi, look #1, would be ideal for the beach or a night out. It’s more earthy than the classic Enza Costa skirt and could look amazing paired with bold bracelets or a statement necklace and plain top. If you’d rather not bare midriff like the model pictured, you could definitely wear a simple, white tank tucked into the high waist for that hourglass effect everyone adores, or you could even add a belt!

From left to right:

1. FP ONE Ribbon Corset Maxi $148

2. Blu Moon Two Slit Skirt $110

3. Manina Colorblock Skirt $198

4. Enza Costa $275 (blue is unfortunately sold out but the gunmetal version is just as beautiful and bold)


Tabletop Diaries: Crêpes



La Maison De Coco in Newport, RI

A beautiful little chocolate shop, carrying tea-infused truffles, handmade crêpes, and French-inspired desserts, is a chocolate-lover’s dream and a dessert heaven. The crêpes are delicious; I recommend either the Classic Crêpe (sugar and lemon) or the Chocolate Ganache Crêpe (I like the coco dark chocolate but they have four chocolate options). I also enjoyed a delicious, foamy cappuccino (as pictured) and they also recently added iced drink options, such as iced coffee and different types of iced teas. Their spiced biscottis are fabulous, as are their fresh scones and truffles.

Weekend Getaway: Carnival by the Sea


photo 1

In Newport, RI, Carnival by the Sea is an annual tradition held every May at Easton’s Beach (also popularly referred to as First Beach). Complete with a ferris wheel, fun house, many squirt-gun and pop-the-balloons prize games, kid friendly rides like the mini train roller coaster, and games for older attendees like the “Tornado”, this annual tradition attracts many generations and families alike. Cotton candy, popcorn, and, of course, fried dough can be spotted in the hands of most of those in the crowd as they wait in lines or take pictures of each other on rides. Perhaps the best part of this carnival? The beach is a few steps away as many enjoy taking walks along the water’s edge, watching the surfers brave the cold ocean, or even feeding the seagulls. Read more about the carnival at Newport Patch.

photo 2

A view of Carnival by the Sea from the ferris wheel (photo credit to Will Leatherman)

photo 2

Ferris wheel selfie

The Great Gatsby Soundtrack



The music from Baz Luhrmann’s film The Great Gatsby is, in one word, incredible. I absolutely love Lana Del Rey’s, Florence + The Machine’s, and Sia’s songs in The Great Gatsby. I also love the covers, such as Kid Koala’s version of Beyoncé’s “Crazy In Love.” My two favorites are Lana Del Rey’s “Young and Beautiful” and Beyoncé and André 3000′s cover of “Back to Black” (originally by Amy Winehouse). I always love Lana Del Rey’s lyrics and the orchestral version of “Young and Beautiful” is simply beautiful, as is her music video for it. And now let’s talk about “Back to Black.” Although many listeners, like BBC America, have disliked André 3000′s take on the lyrics, saying he “did a terrible job and should have left it to Beyoncé,” think André 3000 has the most unique voice and I absolutely love his take on Amy Winehouse’s original track. Winehouse’s father has been quoted in the Huffington Post saying. “I don’t think she brings anything to it,” but I think Beyoncé killed it (in a good way) and she does wonders with the song as well. Like the MTV Buzzworthy Blog said, “If we wanted to hear the original, it’s still there for us to listen to.”

A few of my other favorites from the soundtrack:

1. Over the Love- Florence + The Machine

2. Hearts a Mess- Gotye

3. Love Is Blindness- Jack White

4. Kill and Run- Sia

5. No Church in the Wild- JAY Z & Kanye West

6. Together- The xx

7. 100$ Bill- JAY Z

Tabletop Diaries: Mexican Food



El Perrito in Newport, RI

Warm, flavor-packed burritos, crunchy, savory nachos, and ice-cold Mexican Coca-Colas are the three ingredients of the perfect meal. Personally, being from Texas, I will eat any type of Mexican food and my heart skips a beat at the fact of there being a good Mexican restaurant near me on the East Coast. El Perrito, a small taqueria that opened last summer, is the answer to my prayers of good Mexican food in Newport. Everything is very authentic, from the MexiColas to their hand-made tortillas, and the atmosphere is very nice and upbeat with friendly staff and minimal waiting time. In the above picture is their Nachitos and two burritos. Mine was a chicken burrito with everything in it (yes, I mean literally everything including French fries) and my boyfriend’s was a steak burrito with everything except the French fries and lettuce. If you ever go here you must try the Nachitos, they’re amazing. Most places I where I order nachos they forget about the chips on the bottom. They simply throw the toppings on top, leaving the chips below completely bare. This place does it right, layering the cheese (not just some sprinkled cheese out of a bag from the grocery store), guacamole (I am obsessed with guacamole and theirs is at the top of my list), tomatoes, and savory refried beans.

Spotlight On: Crazy Wedges


Beat the Heat with Crazy Wedges

So, if you’re 5’4″ like me, you probably love any chance to wears heels. These 4-inch plus heels above would be  prefect addition to a nude colored ensemble or white summer dress. I especially love the Alice + Olivia watercolor print wedges (#2) to add to a white lace dress. You can never go wrong with nude shoes, so the Dolce & Gabbana platform wedges are the perfect alternative to those not willing to go bold since they have such a unique shape.

1. Giuseppe Zanotti peep toe platform pumps

2. Alice + Olivia open toe sandals

3. Missoni polka dot wedge
$710 - colette.fr

4. Charlotte Olympia printed wedge

5. Giuseppe Zanotti platform wedge heels

6. Charlotte Olympia peep toe wedge heels

7. Valentino open toe sandals

8. Steve Madden wedge heel sandals

9. Dolce & Gabbana platform wedge heels


(This post was modeled after Cupcakes and Cashmere)

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